2010年8月29日 星期日

Ranger in Mongkok

1. at 1944 hrs.
Heads are moving,
Feet are walking,
Neon lights are running,
In the midst of people, I'm
Waiting, for

2. at 1840 hrs.
Empty mind,
Empty arms,
Hopping around,
No way to bound.

Written on 31 July 2101 09:46 hurs)


When the dawn breaks,
Before the sun rises,
The quietness in the air,
The sounds of silence
In a time of a life,
I feel grateful,
It is Nature.

(written on 2010-8-21 06:59 hrs)



(2010-8-17 11:35 AM)

2010年8月28日 星期六

Kubrickpoetry - 29 August 2010

Ya, es ist morgan! Kommen Sie mit Ihren Freunden. Sie werden sich mit dem besten Künste in der Stadt finden.

Come, come with your friends, your will find youself the best arts in town.

We will have Camille Loivier, a French poet in this Sunday 5-6pm as our honourable guest. She speaks French, English and Chinese. You are welcome to bring your own work to read and share as always.


Kubrick Poetry‧ August ‧ Lyricism and Translation
時間 Time:2010/8/29 (Sun) 5:00pm-6:00pm
地點 Venue: 油麻地 Kubrick(next to Broadway Cinemathèque, 3 Public Square St.)
主持 Moderators:Florence Ng, Wong Wai Yim, Polly Ho, Adam Cheung
詩人來賓 Guest Poet: Camille Loivier
Born in France in 1965, Camille’s recent book publications include Elegy for a Bird (2005), Caractères (2009), and It Is Night (2009). In addition to having published poems in literature reviews such as Dans la Lune, she has also done editing work for the literature review Neige d’Août since 1999, focusing on lyricism and Asian poetry. Camille has also produced French translations of the works of Taiwanese novelist Wang Wen-hsing and poets including Hung Hung, Hsia Yu, and Leung Ping-kwan.
While Camille will read from her works in French and Chinese, participants are also welcome to share poems or other forms of creative writing in any language. Knowledge of French is not required, but one will surely take away some words or phrases to savor.

(copied from email sent by Polly of KubrickPoetry)

If you have diffculties to get to these places, please call my moile 9428 2283, I will show you there.

For those who are staying in other countries, if you like to give a helping hand to Hong Kong Arts, please contact me directly. We will discuss how we can make arts go across all boundaries.

Es ist Ihr verrückter oswald sagt,

Ganze Beste.


2010年8月26日 星期四

K11 - on 28 August 2010

Please come and join Wai Yim's performance.

It's on this Saturday, 28 Aug 2010!

2 performances in Art Mall K11 (at Hart Avenue, Tsimshatsui.)

1st show: 4pm, the Piazza of K11 (MTR exit D1, D2. Ground Floor, The garden of K11)

See Photo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:K11_The_Piazza_night.jpg

2nd show: 5pm, room B207, MTR exit N2


One audience will be invited to take part in a a meal with Wai Yim.

Curated by O.M.B., Daphne Chu

Art pieces Photos by Ariom Leung

****** Well, I have watched the show. I like it. It is art in life, and life with life. And it speaks our Hongkong culture. If you have watched it, please send me you comments. Provide hereunder is the video of Wai Yim's work which is taken sometimes ago.


++++++You are also very creative? Why not send me your ideas ? If I could I will arrange the performance. ++++++++


Duet - Violin + Guitar by Yanice and Nobel

On 26 August 2010, the duet recital by Yanice and Nobel is sucessfully performed.

Thank you for everyone who were in this recital.

Your comments to this performance is very valuable please do not heistate to send me.


This post shoulde be dated back to 10 Aug 2010


Crazy oswald is here.

Yes, this is my new idea. Bringing music/arts into a very small bookshop/bookcafe. This is my first arrangement and the future output will be different from time to time depends on the types of ideas getting into my impractical mind. I need your support. I mean for Arts and Music so come and join us and share our joys. Of course I cannot do my job with an empty stomach. All musicians need to be paid in some way, though at the beginning it may be very disgraceful. You can support us by vuluntary contributions.

Event: Duet - playing oldies with a touch in French
Musicians: Yanice - violinist/vocalist, Nobel - Guitarist
MC and narrator: oswald
Venue: 序言書室
Time and Date: 2100-2300 hours, Friday, 26 Aug 2010 for future events.
Capacity - 20-25 standing.
Manner: casual but repects should be paid to the artists when the performance is on.
Participation: 10-15 minutes audienece cross-overs.
Contributions : 1. for the show, you can make it on site in the evening of performance.
2. to support my future events please pay in my bank account Hang Seng 205 070287 882 chan oswald pak fung. All receipts(names and amounts) will be
publicised in my blog.

Hoping to see you there, no reservation is required. Soft drinks are availble at low costs. If you like you can send me your names and contacts so that I can include them
in my mailing list for future events. If you are artists and hoping to making performances in this kind of performance please feel free to contact me by email.

Thank you.

AND ...... my friend Polly sent me this, why not come and join us and share the high culture in town :

主題: 傾愛之城,藏身之所
日期:日期:2010.8.14(SAT)3:00pm - 4:30pm
地點:油麻地kubrick -油麻地眾坊街3號駿發花園H2地舖
1. Theme Song "Fort, Da"
蔡以瓦(Eva Tsai)作曲、演奏
2. 《那年不過十七歲》五分鐘音樂劇播放
3. 讀詩〈愛情獨舞〉(by潘國靈)
4. 小說〈遊戲〉聲演
聲演者:Polly Ho, Florence Ng, Lawrence Pun
5. 小說〈波士頓與紅磚屋〉片段朗讀
作曲及音樂伴奏:蔡以瓦(Eva Tsai)